La Compagnie de Burgondie, all over the world


The Americas
With the creation of the Montreal office in 2004, we initiated the phase of being more connected to the markets of Canada, the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Contact: Christophe Cardona

We have an ongoing project, initiated in 2010 with the creation of the Shenzhen office, to pilot sales development across a huge, emerging geographical sector (China and Hong-Kong).

Contact: Arielle Coiquaud

We have taken an equity stake in the Vinergie agency in Düsseldorf.

Contact: Wolfgang Zuzok

Our hypermarket and supermarket sales team is based in Buxy.

Contact: Jean-Marc Veuillet

Rest of the world
We have built a sales team, based in Buxy and dedicated to large-scale export activity.

Contacts: Bruno Boucher, Olga Reznik